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Sabrina Liverpool

Sabrina Liverpool is a Cyber Intelligence Officer at The Chaos Group of Canada, a threat management, cybersecurity, and investigation firm located in Toronto. Through digital background checks, open-source intelligence, and manual research, Sabrina uses her expertise to keep people and businesses safe from threat actors and the unknown. Sabrina has a passion for cybersecurity, and has made it a mission of hers to inform and educate the public.

Sabrina Liverpool has completed multiple McAfee Institute courses and is a certified Cyber Intelligence Professional, Social Media Intelligence Expert, and Open Source Intelligence Expert. Sabrina is also The Chaos Group of Canada’s representative at the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO), and a member of the Canadian Private Investigators Resource Center (CPIRC).

Sabrina spends her free time learning electric guitar, exploring unique activities in her city, and planning solo trips. She is pursuing a secondary career as a confidence life coach as she wants to encourage other young adults to chase their dreams and advise them on how to reach their full potential.

You can reach Sabrina through her LinkedIn profile or her personal website/blog where she regularly shares her thoughts on cybersecurity.


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