Has Merged With Privacy Canada

In December of 2019, merged into Privacy Canada (privacyvcanada-net). We have consolidated and expanded on some of the great work put forth by InSecurity to create valuable research data into the current state of cybersecurity. 

All content that appears on Privacy Canada is written by me (Ludovic Ferre) and inspired by the work of InSecurity as well as many other leading technology publications.

Our Mission at Privacy Canada

For the last twenty years ,we’ve worked with organizations in Canada and also internationally. Our mission is to help SMEs and private organizations better understand the changing dynamics of cybersecurity.

Privacy Canada has worked with over 25 organizations to better help businesses understand data privacy and protect their data. We believe in a cybersafe world and education is the key.

To learn more about how to protect your digital privacy please take some time to look at some of the research below. 



  • Canadian Home Security – We’ve compared the top programs for Canadians by pricing, smart tech and number of incidients stopped. 
  • Best Canadian VPN Reviews – Over the last 3 years we’ve tested multiple VPN protocols to help Canadian protect themselves online. 
  • Password Managers – Our list of the top password manager solutions for Canadians. 

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