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Gayan Samrat

Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan “DILRANG” was one of the top-most vocal artist of the millennium. The departure of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, from the scene of Indian Music…



Vajahat Hussain Khan, was inspired and initiated into Hindustani classical music by his illustrious father Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang. Vajahat Hussain Khan, is the second son of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang who was a great doyen of Indian music, a most renowned vocalist, musicologist and an excellent poet, from the Atrauli (Jaipur) Gharana and also the Agra Gharana. Vajahat Hussain is the representative of prestigious family of traditional musicians which has given India such giants as Haji Ustad Altaf Hussain Khan, Ustad Allahdiya Khan, Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan, Ustad Fayyaz Khan, Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, Ustad Wahid Hussain Khan, Ustad Yunus Hussain Khan and many others. Vajahat Hussain is the direct descendent of Daguri Bani of the Atrauli (said to be Jaipur) Gharana.

In the present era, Vajahat Hussain, has become a household name in the world of light classical music (Ghazals) and Sufi Sangeet. He excels in the Ruhani Compositions & Persian Poetry of Hazrat Amir Khusro(Ra). He has large numbers of Taranas in different Ragas, which he presents in the highly traditional and authentic style. Vajahat Hussain Khan has given a number of full fledged classical local concerts.

Achievements and Performance

Vajahat Hussain Khan studied at the Anjuman Islam’s J M C High School and later graduated in commerce from the Anjuman Islam’s Akber Peerbhoy college of Commerce. Here he won several laurels for his alma-mater and distinguished himself as budding artist of rich promise. His participation enabled his college to win the Talat Mehmood Trophy in 1973 and the Mehmood and Shahid inter-collegiate Ghazal Trophy in 1979 in which he was also awarded an individual second prize. In 1983 he won the first prize in ghazal singing organised by the Maratha Mandir Kala Kendra. In addition he has been awarded several certificates of honor and medals in ghazal and classical singing. Vajahat Hussain has also been a leading member of All India radio choral group along with Anup Jalota, Shubha Joshi, Neelam Sahani, Ghanshyam Vaswani and others during 1971-72. He has a deep knowledge and an equal command over classical singing, and is also adept at singing Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Marwari, Bhojpuri and Bengali songs. He has given playback songs for three films, two of which are ‘Paise ke peeche’ and ‘Ardhnarishwar’. He has also scored music for a Hindi Serial ‘Shama’ and a telefilm ‘Tona’ (Regional film).

Vajahat has inherited a legacy which may well be the envy of all aspiring artists. It was under his illustrious father Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, that Vajahat received his initial grooming. After the demise of his father in 1975 he has been learning classical and light music under the able guidance of Ustad Aslam Khan, who is one of the top-most classical vocalists, composers and ghazal singers of India.

Vajahat’s talent is varied and he has diverse interests. He has been awarded many prizes in essay writing and like his late father ‘Maykash Atraulvi’ he has also taken to writing Urdu poetry, songs and scripts, under the pen-name ‘Vajahat Azmat’ and ‘Dayam Rang’. He also participated in an award winning Hindi play at Allahabad in 1979. He has acted in a Marathi Drama also named ‘Shahzada’. He holds a diploma in photography and has been a consistent performer at the All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has also participated in many national & International “Mushairas”.

Vajahat Hussain, has given classical and Ghazal performance in almost all the major music events in India, like Indian Music Festival, Sur Singer Samsad, Swar Sadhana Mahotsava, Dilrang Music Festival, Sangeet Premi Mandal, Saptak Music Festival, Lucknow Sangeet Natak Academy, All India Urdu Mela Mumbai, Nehru centre Ghazal feast and many others.

His first L.P. record ‘Aashna’ and the next ‘Mahak’ were released by Music India during 1985 and 1987, which earned him a great name and fame. His other-releases are ‘Sham-e-Ghazal’, ‘Live concert by Vajahat Hussain’, ‘Live in Dubai’ ‘Goonj’ and ‘Ashk’ (Released in Dubai) At present he is working on three music albums, a classical traditional bandishes, commercial ghazals and sufi music.

Born in Bombay, Vajahat Hussain is an extremely talented singer, composer, writer and poet. He has a sonorous and graceful voice. He brings a special charm into his performances with his beautiful voice, lively compositions and exclusive presentation. Vajahat Hussain loves his country, and has a strong wish to promote and follow the deeds and footsteps of his great ancestors, whose musical ‘Parampara’ has served the nation for nearly five centuries.

In the year 1994, he presented a unique experimental program at Nehru centre “Classical Compositions and Ghazals based on same Raga” which was highly successful.

In 1997-98, he was featured as one of the key performers in the program “Khusro se Majrooh Tak” (Traditional Ghazals)

A successful Ghazal Tour of U.A.E. (Dubai & Sharjah) 1989. Concert Tour of U.K. along with Ustad Aslam Khan Sahab 1990. Extensive tour of Kenya (Naitrobi, Mumbasa, Nakuru, Kusumu) 1992.

Tour to Nigeria (Africa, Lagos) 1995.

Tour to Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Muscat and Iran with a group organised by Indian council for cultural relations. 2003-04

Extensive Tour of England, U.K. and Spain organised by the Asian music circuit London 2004.

In 2004 he performed at the famous Womad Mela Festival (England) along with another music group. In 2005 tour of Nagoya (Japan) In oct 2009 tour of Tajikistan & Uzbekistan (Falak festival).

In 2005 he gave ten programmes in Nagoya (Japan) in an expo sponsored by ITPO & ICCR. Recently he toured Tajakistan and Uzbekistan (Dushambe, Khujan, Samarqand, Bukhara, Tashkqand and Kulyaab) alongwith a gourp. This tour was organised by ICCR.

Vajahat Hussain Khan is also an accomplished poet & lyricist besides being a musician and music director. His Ghazals and religious songs are very famous with many popular singers. In poetry his pen name is ‘Vajahat Azmat’ & ‘Dayam Rang’

He is the secretary of Dilrang Academy of Music & Fine Arts, Founded in 1975, in memory of Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang. It focuses on promoting young talents and supporting the deserving and poor artists, medically and financially. The academy has so far organised more than 30 successful music concerts and cultural events.

Vajahat Hussain has constantly been invited as a judge in many a musical competitions, where he encourages budding artists with his versatile abilities. He is very knowledgeable and possesses rare teaching abilities.

Vajahat Hussain khan recently toured Japan (Nagoya) in august 2005 for a concert alongwith Ustad Rafat Khan (Sitarist) and Amit Khavthekar (Tabla). he regaled the audiences there with his lively sufi music, tilting ghazals, bhajans, songs and fusion of sitar and vocal. He also surprised and pleased the Japanese audiences by composing and singing a Japanese song.

This concert was sponsored by Indian Council For Cultural Relations(ICCR) and Indian Trade Promotion Organisation(ITPO).

Soon a poetry compilation of VAJAHAT HUSSAIN will come out under the pen name “VAJAHAT AZMAT” and “DAYAM RANG”

Vajahat Hussain Khan has recently composed theme music for two urdu dramas. He is working on four major books based on his research work and memories on music & his poetry compilations. Soon an MP3 CD with the compositions of his father Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang & other Ustads sung by him will be released.

A private literary organisation called “Samvadini” has also honoured him with a degree of doctorate in indian music & literature.

Most of his students in music have bocome accomplished singers.

Since last two years Vajahat Hussain has performed several sufi concerts successfully, besides Classical & Ghazal programmes.

Two of his sufi lyrics & Ghazals has been selected for a big bollywood film also. A number of singers have sung and recorded his lyrics & Ghazals.

Some Press Opinions Regarding Vajahat Hussain Khan

“………… The way to the top is a long and arduous one, Vajahat however is undeterred. He has the requisite confidence which will enable him to take every challenge in his stride…….” Screen 1986

“………..Vajahat Hussain is a singing luminary, being the prodigy of the late Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Sahab. He has inherited the talent of many different Gharanas” Daily 30-12-88

“………..Vajahat’s senstational singing talent is not just another incident in the present wave of popularity of the ghazals. It is an important milestone which heralds the arrival of a singer of tremendous promise……” Evening News 1987

“………Vajahat Hussain displays a melodious voice, stage presence and perception which enables him to judge the audience response instantly. His singing style has a great impact of his guru Ustad Aslam Khan…….” Byline 14th July 1991

“……….. Urdu ghazals has a very special charm, and when an artist with strong classical base presents ghazals it becomes unique. Vajahat Hussian’s style of singing proves that he belongs to the Khurja, Atrauli and the Agra Gharanas…….” Gujrat Samachar 1992

“………in the garden of Music World, Vajahat Hussain is like a pleasant flower whose fragrance is showering the world of ghazals, and it is because, Vajahat belongs to a traditional musicians family, and inherits that talent……” Asia Mahan February 1988

“……..The Ghazals ‘abke Saal Sawan mein’, ‘Us Mahjabeen ne Kal Dekhi’ and Tanhai bhi mil jaye to’ made and everlasting impact on the minds of the audience and Vajahat Hussain was contantly requested to sing them over and over again…..” Mahasagar, Akola 14-6-91

In Allahdiya Khan Sangeet Samaroh Vajahat Hussain’s classical concert was highly pleasing having a major impact of his father Ustad Azmat Hussain Gayaki he well-presented raag yaman, Tarana and his father’s composition in Hindoli. Afternoon2004

……Vajahat Khan excelled in his performance at Allahdiya Khan Samaroh at Chembur. His taans layakari and presentation was of the top order. Asian Age April 2008

Sufi Song

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