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Gayan Samrat

Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan “DILRANG” was one of the top-most vocal artist of the millennium. The departure of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, from the scene of Indian Music…



One of the leading vocalist and composer of Indian Music, Yunus Hussain Khan belongs to the famous Agra Gharana. The contribution of this Gharana to the continuity of Classical Vocal Music of India, with a distinct style of its own, is undisputed. The Agra Gharana originated from Nohar Bani and its originator Sujan Khan, a Court Musician of Akbar and Contemporary of Miyan Tansen, was a Sufi singer of Chist-Sabri-Sufi sect. Agra tradition of Nohar Bani has produced a number of distinguished musicians like Bichitra Khan and Surgayan Khan (Musicians of Akbar’s Court) Saidl Shah and Vazir Khan Nohar (period of Jehangir and Shahjahan) Sayyad Khan and Hasan Khan Nohar (reign of Aurangzeb) Shyam Rang and Saras Rang (period of Shah Alam and Mohd. Shah). The above musicians were followed by Sher Khan, Chagge Khuda Baksh, Miyan Natthan Khan, Bhaskar Bua Bakhle, Ustad Fayyaz Khan, Ustab Vilayat Hussain Khan, and S.N. Ratanjankar. Teaching music as a curriculum in Universities and Academies in India, is very recent. Previously, true to the traditions, training in music both practical and theoretical was imparted in the various families to musicians commonly known as Gharana. These Universities and Academies produced most of the ‘well-known musicians today. Even now, talented students of music after graduating from Universities, turn to these Gharanas to become musicians.


Possessed with superb Musicianship, Yunus Hussain Khan sings Agra Gayaki in his own style; varied in music, rich in ideas and full of colour. The ease with which he renders the different forms of vocal performances matched with technical excellence and aesthetic appeal reveals the depths of understanding and skill of this musician, who delineates any RAGA, whether common or rare and obsolete, in its purest form and character. Indeed an exceptional achievement in the present day.

He received intensive training from an early age from his illustrious father the late Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan (Court Musician of the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore and later Chief music Advisor of A.I.R.) and other great masters like Ustad Fayyaz Khan and Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang of Atrauli Khurja Gharana. His innate talent for music coupled with guidance and training under the great masters has given him full command over the great heritage of Agra Gharana.

Besides his own Gharanas Gayaki, Yunus Hussain Khan was equally at home in presenting the Khayal Gayaki of Atrauli Khurja Gharana of Dagar Nohar Bani which he had learnt and studied from his maternal uncle, Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan. Yunus Hussain Khan had rendered the different forms of Indian Music like Dhrupad Dhammar, Saadra Khayal, Tarana, Tappa and Thumri. He had toured all over Europe and U.S.A. and Afghanistan. He had also participated in “Holland Festival” and “India Festival”. He was featured in “National Programmes” and “Sangeet Sammelans” of A.I.R


A composer of distinction, Yunus Hussain Khan had to his credit innumerable compositions in a variety of common and rare ragas under the “nom-de-plume” “Darpan”. Some of his melodic creations were Sujani Malhar, Hussaini Bhairav, Lalita Sohini, Jogwanti, Maluha Bihag, Nohartodi, Nav Bihag, Nut Deepak, Devyani, Bagesh-Rikaus. Before joining Universities, he had been associated with A.I.R. as a Music Composer. Recently, he had written and composed songs for the L.P. disc of ‘International Year of the Child’ which was released through the Ministry of Education. He composed Dhammar and Chaturang for Kathak Kendra. During his association with University of Delhi, he was Director, Composer and Conductor of Sargam Choir, Delhi Youth Choral Group and his own Darpan Choir. Yunus Hussain Khan specialized in composing Khayals based on Sufish, for which he was recently invited by European Countries. He had translated and composed Shelly’s “Indian Serenacle”.


As a musicologist, YUNUS HUSSAIN KHAN had to his credit many article features and papers on music, which were published and presented in some of the following Symposiums and also recordings.

Classical Music and Films
Article in Bangle
Story of Khayal
Article in English
Raga family and Bilawal
Rare Ragas
Traditional Music
Muslim Religious Songs
Delhi University
Ustad Amir Khan
Amir Khan commomoration
Music and Woman
Value of musical traditions
An enquiry in the principle of Tala in the Development of Hindustani Music
Robindra Bharathi University
Music as taught in Institutions
Goa Music Seminar
Spiritual Contribution of Amir Khusrau-Role of music in Sufism-Musical tradition connected with Sufism
Presented in Sufi music festival all over Europe in1981
Khayal and Sargam
Presented in Sufi Centre of San Francisco in 1973
Journey into musical Centuries

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