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Gayan Samrat

Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan “DILRANG” was one of the top-most vocal artist of the millennium. The departure of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, from the scene of Indian Music…


Vrinda Mundkur’s music reflects all that is beautiful and sublime. She performs the styles of Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Tarana and Bhajan with ease and dexterity. She brings out the true mood and essence of the Raga with her rich and resonant voice. Her keen aesthetic sense coupled with a mellifluous voice and a charming stage presence creates an instant rapport and impact on appreciative audiences. It is an enriching and elevating experience to hear her unfold the Raga effortlessly and improvise on it with accurate swara projection, a clear ringing voice and a good command over Tala and Laya. Vrinda has gained recognition as a gifted vocalist by critics and connoisseurs alike.

Vrinda Mundkur hails from a family with a deep rooted interest and pursuit of art. Vrinda has been initiated into Hindustani Music by her mother Smt Aruna Rao, herself an artist par excellence in the field of music, painting and literature. Vrinda has the benefit of her mother’s valuable guidance and inspiration till this day.

From childhood Vrinda had a flair for the creative arts. Along with music she pursued Bharata Natyam, a classical dance form for eight years under the rigorous training of Acharya Parvati Kumar, a renowned Guru. However, later Vrinda devoted herself to the pursuit of Hindustani Classical music which became her major field of interest and expression. This was a turning point in her career.

Training in music

Vrinda has been groomed by eminent gurus. After she graduated from the well known Elphinstone College in Mumbai, she became a pupil of Pandit Firoz Dastur in the music centre of the Mumbai University for several years. From him she imbibed the delicate intricacies of the popular Kirana Gharana.

Later she came under the tutelage of Pandit Batuk Dewanji, a veteran of the Agra Gharana, from whom she continues to learn numerous and valuable rare Ragas and Thumri forms such as Hori, Chaiti, Kajri, Jhula, Sawan etc. She has had the privilege of training under Smt. Shobha Gurtu a maestro and queen of Thumri.

She has received rigorous and advanced guidance from the eminent scholar- musician and composer of the Agra-Jaipur Atrauli Gharana, Pandit Babanrao Haldankar, from whom she has learnt several popular and rare Ragas and Taranas. She sings his unique and inimitable compositions with great fervour and spirit.

At present, she is imbibing the multi-faceted intricacies of the stylized ragas of the Hapur, Khurja, Sikandra and Delhi-Tanras gharanas from none other than the doyen and maestro Ustad Aslam Khan disciple of Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Dilrang.

Vrinda blends the intricate styles of Agra-Atrauli, Khurja and Hapur gharanas judiciously and innovatively.


Vrinda Mundkur is a graded artist of All India Radio and Television. She is on the panel of artists of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi. In the role of a cultural delegate, she has given concerts and lecture demonstrations in Zurich, Geneva, London and Holland. She has completed successful concert tours of the USA and UK in 1994, 1996 and 1999. She has given significant performances since 1980 at various prestigious concert halls in India and abroad. To name a few,

  • The Nehru Centre, Mumbai and London.
  • The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai and London.
  • The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai.
  • The Berlin Festival of Indian Art at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
  • SPIC-MACAY and Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
  • House of Russian Culture and Alliance Francaise, Mumbai.
  • The Pune Festival.
  • Prestigious music concerts in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bhopal, Hyderabad and Bangalore and several other cities.
  • Vrinda has sung for the overseas Indian Conference, ‘India Calling’, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • She has compiled and sung concerts and lec-dems for companies such as Larsen & Toubro, The Indian Banks Association and the Indian Cancer Patients Aids Association
  • She has been awarded the ‘Sur Mani’ by the Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai.
  • She is also featured on the website of the Agra gharana www.agragharana.org.
  • Her music has been recorded for ‘Antara’, an interactive guide to Indian Classical Music, distributed by Times Multimedia.
  • She has recorded fifty Raga Bandishes for the archives of the Samvad Foundation,Mumbai, an institution for the preservation and promotion of Hindustani Classical Music, funded by the Ford Foundation of USA.
  • Vrinda has been awarded the prestigious Dagar Gharana award in March 2009 for excellence in the performance of Hindustani Classical Music (khayal and thumri) by the Maharana Mewar Foundation of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Thematic Concerts and Lecture Demonstrations:

  • Vrinda has researched on the compositions of the Muslim composers and performers on the theme ‘Lord Krishna’.
  • She has compiled a detailed exposition of the bandishes (compositions) of the Agra Gharana such as : Prem Piya- Ustad Faiyyaz Khan, Pran Piya- Ustad Vilayat Hussein Khan, Sajan Piya- Ustad Khadim Hussein Khan, Ras Piya- Pt. Babanrao Haldankar.
  • She has conducted and performed an indepth study of the Devi icon, titled ‘The Devi Stuti- in Raga Sangeet’, the music for which was composed by her illustrious mother Smt. Aruna Rao. A CD of this title has been released by Shamrao Vithal Bank on the occasion of their centenary celebrations.
  • Vrinda has rendered concerts on social themes in Hindustani Classical Music such as ‘Saans Nanad Mori’ and ‘Prateeksha’ (Shringar Rasa), to name a few.
  • She has given lecture demonstrations at the Ananthacharya Indological Society of India, Mumbai, and at the Institute of Ancient Art at the Somaiya College on various aspects of Hindustani Classical Music such as its history, evolution, aesthetics and its relation to the regional folk music of India.
  • She has given lecture-demonstrations at the Indian Music Society, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, especially on the theme of Malhar – rain songs- seasonal ragas in Hindustani Classical Music.
  • Besides her CD titled Devi Stuti in Raga Sangeet, she also has two CDs to her credit, released by The Musician’s Guild, Mumbai and which contain a recording of a captivating live concert of Ragas…Raga Shree- a serene and sensitive experience Raga Shahana Kanada- an elevating mood Raga Purva, Raga Deepak Kedar and Raga Khem Kalyan (rare ragas of the Agra Gharana).
  • Vrinda is closely associated with and has been instrumental in popularising and uplifting the activities of the Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Mumbai which is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the ancient traditions of the Agra-Atrauli, Khurja, Hapur and Sikandra gharanas.

Media Reviews :

“A clear voice, attuned to a high degree of modulation marked her khayal as well as a light classical composition. The great variety of her ideas and intuitions were beautifully reflected in both the numbers.” Mohan Nadkarni in “The Times Of India” Bombay, in Jan. 1986.

“One was enthralled by her elaboration of Drut patterns in all the major events. It was obvious that the artiste had taken care to practice different and difficult tan patterns weaving them well in the frame. Her sawan with its rhythmic beauty had a captivating lilt.” P.G Burde in “The Times Of India”, Bombay dated Sept.4, 1988.

“Her sense of involvement in music enables her to strike a rapport with the audience. The vocalist has been able to link the two idioms into coherence with a degree of success. Both the light classical pieces were marked by an elegance of diction.” Amarendra – Nandu Dhaneshwar in “The Independent”, Bombay dated Aug.31,1998.

“Vrinda Mundkur is another name in the galaxy of young women singers who are transmitting the methodics of their taalim with a sense of commitment to the concrete and clear values in music. Vrinda has a clear ringing voice.”
Roshan Shahani in “The Sunday Observer”, Bombay dated July 19,1992.

Contact details :

Smt. Vrinda Mundkur
105 B, Ganga Vihar
Raheja Township
Malad (East)
Mumbai 400097.

Tel: +91-22- 2877 7847 / +91-22- 2202 5006
Mobile : +91 98924 30775
Email : 
Website : www.vrindamundkur.com

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